Saturday, 9 September 2017

May in April!

Heading out

Sweetie stop!

In April, I organised a trip out to the Isle of May for  SSKEG. 10 of us set off from Anstruther for the 8k crossing before arriving at the island. We had arranged to meet up on the island with some of the Lothian club who had paddled over from North Berwick, so all in all, the island was a very busy place that day! Lots of birds on the cliffs, but not many Puffins.

Not even set on monochrome

All finished off with fish and chips from the "Wee Chippy", then icecream for pudding!

Later in April we were up at the CVC at Glenmore. Day 1, I had a great day out in "Sonic Too" on the Spey.  Day 2 was spent up at Sandend having a whale of a time playing in the surf - fantastic!

A snowy wake up

Hard at work splashing!

At the start of the tunnel

In June, our juniors had a great time suggesting and organising a canal trip. The only thing the "oldies" did was drive and supervise.  The put in was at Falkirk, just next to the viaduct, a great opportunity to splash the cars driving below! Then along the canal, through the 630 meter tunnel before stopping for lunch. We eventually made it to Polmont where some very weary paddlers were glad to see the cars again.

In the tunnel


Sleepy paddler!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Turkey Basher time

Inch Gnome

Waiting to cross the shipping lane
Well after lots of hard work, plastering, papering and painting just about anything that sat still for more than 10 mins, it was time to get some fresh air, so the end of December we headed out for our annual Turkey Basher trip, this time out from Silver Sands, past Inch Gnome and out to Oxcars for a wee play, then back to Inchcolm for lunch before heading back to have a quick dip in the bay. Great for working off excess chocolate!

Inchcolm Abbey

Can only be described as refreshing!

As for the house, it's great having the garage now rebuilt, somewhere cosy for the boats!


Our next  escape from the painting was our New Years Day paddle out from  Pathhead on a beautiful cold, sunny day. Heading east past Dysart and stopping for nosh at West Wemyss before returning.

Passing the old Frances Mine

West Wemyss nosh stop

Big boats, little boats

Now that Christmas and New Year are over, we're back to creating more stoor! Upstairs this time

A tiny bit of space left, just for paddling kit!
Getting used to upheaval.

Time to escape again!
It's Loch Rannoch time again. Weather was a bit chilly, sometimes just too chilly for paddling!

But not too chilly for a swim!
From there we headed up to Thurso where we met up with Andy, Ansgar and Alice for a weekend of paddling. Due to the somewhat breezy conditions, we only had a short, eventful paddle near Dunnet Head
 Chilly put in

Blustery Pentland Firth

Back home, things are still stoory!

We brought in spring with a trip out to Loch Lomond where we were lucky enough to see the Wallaby again.

Group sailing
A lovely sunny trip, then back to a lovely sunny kitchen. It's been alot of work and dust, but the house is eventually beginning to take shape

Friday, 11 August 2017

Girls just want to have fun!

In August I was honoured to be asked to coach at the WSKF on Bute.
Busy Bute

Getting to grips with balance

Round the Burnt Islands
 I had 4 lovely ladies needing an introduction to seakayaking. What a thoroughly enjoyable weekend I had, all the more so as one of the ladies was battling cancer at the time and her determination was awe inspiring. I must have done OK as I have been asked to the Devon one this year.

Back home, we now have no shower and very little kitchen. The garage still doesn't want to come down. Time to head off again!

This time 5 of us, Andy, Ansgar, Alice, Ken and myself,  headed off to Lewis and Harris.

Shiants sunset
 Our first night was a flat calm trip out to the Shiants, that saw Andy sleeping fully clothed with one eye open most of the night due to the fact there wasn't much beach and the tide was fairly high! With a bit of a strong breeze forecast, we didn't want to hang around too long so after playing in and out the rocks at Galtachan, we cut straight back to the lighthouse at Rubha Uisinis  and up to Leumrabhagh.

 We then decided to camp outside the hostel at Reinigeadal as the weather was forecast to get really breezy. We managed a lovely trip out round Scalpay, a very fast, one way trip/surf the full length of Loch Seaforth and a walk over the hills to Tarbert for a swim, just to find the pool was closed due to lifeguard shortage!
Garenin Blach House
 We spent the next few days over at Garenin where we stayed in a Black House hostel, I would highly recommend it if you are in the area. From there we had trips out from Miaghaig, passing the "Cuma", no-one was home. and round the inside of  Great Bernera, another trip out from Carlabhagh round by a  stormy Craigearn and back in through a massive jacuzzi.
Sheltering from the "breeze"
 Unfortunately due to the drafty conditions, we were kept well away from all the outer beaches. The last of our time up in the Hebrides was spent storm watching!

Still a wee gap on the floor for our kit!

Even less kitchen now, but beginning to get new windows. Garage is eventually down to the foundations!

Warmer waters

Colourful waters!

Time for some warm water! A wee trip to Gran Canaria was in order.
Kitchen units are now in, still no shower. Garage is beginning to be rebuilt!
Spot the paddling kit on the line!

Time to get away again! 

Ice cream stop
Off to Torridon for a weekend with LSKC this time. We had great trips out on Loch Sheildaig, managing an icecream at the hotel there. Next day, we had a mass paddle out from Arddaroch, passing Kishorn island, round to the coral beach then in to Plockton for icecream. As good a weekend for socialising as it is for paddling!
More paddling kit drying!

As for the house, garage is getting there, heating is in and the decorating is just beginning (my job!) Guess I'll need to stay at home a bit now!